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Shayne Klimka

Shayne is the owner and lead technician at Klimka Computer Solutions.

From an early age, Shayne had an affinity for working with his hands and deconstructing and repairing electronics and gadgets. After completing his education in I.T. programming and services, Shayne began to build and repair computers for family and friends; the rest is history.

Now working in computer services for over 6 years, Shayne has obtained an outstanding reputation with a plethora of happy customers and countless recommendations.

Desktop repair

Whatever you computer problem, we can help. From installing and updating antivirus software to extensive part replacement.

IT Services

Looking to setup your network or extend your coverage. Klimka IT Services will have a solution to all your IT problems.

Data Recovery

For any data management you wish to achieve. Broken hard drives, data deletion, or backups of all your important materials.