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Software Repairs Hardware Repairs
System Virus Power Connector Repair
Malware Issues Keyboard Replacement
Wifi Issues Battery Replacement
Mac OS Problems Hard drive Issues
Windows Issues Broken Screen/LCD
Tuneup Keyboard issues
Re-install Programs Ram Upgrades
Printer Issues Cooling Fan Replacement

Apple (Mac)


Hardware diagnostic, repair and upgrade of Apple Mac Laptops & IMAC

Apple Repairs Apple Repairs
Hard Disk Data Recovery Mac Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair
Optical Drive Replacement Hard Drive Replacement & Upgrade
RAM Upgrade and Replacement Screen Back light Repair
Liquid Damage Repair I/O Board Repair and Replacement
Mac Glass & LCD Screen Repair Battery and Adapter Replacement
Mac Casing Replacement Firmware Password Removal
Mac LCD Replacement

Do You Need

Remote Support?

Need assistance right away? Get the Klimka Computer Solutions  remote support utility. Remote Support is the quickest way we can help you with your computer or laptops. Our remote connection is a licensed software that we used to connect to your computer in order for us to work on it as if we are sitting right in front of it. This allows our customers to get immediate help from our technical team on an urgent basis. We would only visit you or you would only bring your machines to our place if for some reason that we are unable to fix it remotely and we need to be physically present in front of your computer. For you convenience we have provided the Remote Support button on the top right corning of website that is visible on each page.

Remote support is available for Windows & Mac computers and laptops. Click on the corresponding icon below to download the remote support utility.

We Provide

Onsite Services

Computer/Laptop Repairs and Tune-ups                                                                 Repair any cracks, chips, water damage or missing buttons as well as remove any bloatware that may be slowing down your PC to get it running as good as new.

Virus Removal and Protection                                                                                            Get rid of any unwanted viruses, malware or popups that can be harmful to your software and protect against it for future use.

Hardware or Software Issues                                                                                         Restore your computers system software back to its previous working state.

Network Setup and Maintenance                                                                                 Design and implement quality networks to meet your needs then fully install any cabling, hardware and software to match your requirements.

Backup and Restores Data                                                                                             Backup all of your systems files to protect against accidental loss of data.

Data Recovery                                                                                                                          Recover any lost files after a system crash.

Offsite and Cloud backups                                                                                            Another safety option to ensure you don’t lose any important data on your system.

Training on Computer Usage, Table, Mobile Devices, and Smart Phones        One on one training sessions to ensure you fully understand your device and how to use it.

Upgrades on Computers and Laptops                                                                     Upgrade an aging computer or laptop to regain its original speed and capabilities.

Mobile devices (Tablets, Smart Phones etc.) Repairs, Tune-ups and Trainings

12-Point Computer

Checkup and Tuneup

The 12-Point Computer Tuneup Includes:

  1. Anti-Virus Software Installation and Update
  2. Virus Removal
  3. Anti-Malware Software Installation and Update
  4. Malware and Malicious Software Removal
  5. Browser Toolbar Removal
  6. Browser Add-On and Extension Removal
  7. Start-up Routine Cleaning and Optimization
  8. Temporary File Removal
  9. Unwanted Application Removal
  10. Correct Browser Settings and Search Options
  11. Registry Settings Cleanup and Correction
  12. Software Updates



Data Services We Offer
Data Recovery Data Deletion
Data Backup Data Transfer
Lost File Recovery Virus Recovery
File Backup Complete Wipe Of System

Return Policy

All purchased parts and products are covered by a 30 day guarantee. Within which you can receive a full refund if you are unhappy. After that time period, we do not offer refunds but will happily work with you to resolve any issues.